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This is a reader insert my friends!
This has bad words don't like don't read
Francexreader Valentines happy late Valentines!
Yesterday  me and my friend are wearing ugly sweaters to remind us that we will be single forever, and to seduce you with my awkwardness.
I'm still working on my Axis fic!
You sighed when you woke up,  Valentines day, or as you called it forever alone day. You heard knocking on your door.
"I'm up I'm up." you yelled at the door.
Your mother poked her head through your door. " _________ your father and I are going somewhere special for the rest of the week, and we won't be back until Tuesday."
You rolled your (e/c) eyes and got out of bed. "Thanks for telling until the last minute." you said sarcastically as you got a towell and walked to the bathroom.
" __________ don't do anything stupid while we're gone, and no boys!"
You snorted behind the bathroom door " Mom how will I get those so called boys, I'm a potato!"
"_________!" your mother snapped at you.
" Let me seduce you with my awkwardness! Bye mom love you!" you yelled stepping into the shower, and your mother left.
Getting out of the shower you put on your favorite ugly sweater and a pair of skinny jeans so that you would match your best friend Lovino Vargas. Lovino and his twin brother Feliciano were your best friends and you did everything together, that was until Feli got a boyfriend, you didn't hate Ludwig it was exactly the oppositeness was a good friend of yours, him and Kiku. It's that Lovino hated the 'potato bastard' more than anything.
You heard the honking of a car and you hurriedly put your (h/c) hair in a messy bun.
"Oi _______!!!! Hurry The Fuck Up, you wanna go to school!!"
You hurriedly put your (h/c) hair in a messy bun and ran out the house with your bag.
" Finally! You took your goddamn time, Now we're gonna be fucking late!" You got in his sports car, and he drove off almost as wildly as Feliciano.
You got to school with ten minutes to first period. You walked to your lockers together wearing your matching sweaters which the lockers were right next to each other.
Opening your locker you screamed, at least a hundred red roses fell from it on to your feet.
"______ looks like someon- SON OF A BITCH!!!"
Fifty tomatoes fell out of his locker onto his shoes. Taking one of the roses, and smelling it with a light blush on your cheeks you said "Looks like I'm not the only one with an admirer!"
"Sh-SHUT UP IDIOTA!!" He screamed at you. He took one of the non-smashed tomatoes and took a bite glaring at you.
Every single class you had so far there was a single red rose waiting at your seat, but now it was lunch.
Eating lunch the lunch ladies came out and gave you a beautiful white cake ornate with roses with a rose next to it, on the cake with delicate curvy handwriting the words; J'taime.
The bad touch trio sauntered into the lunch room. You hated them, well you hated Gilbert, tolerated Antonio, and you might of had the smallest gigantic crush on the blonde Frenchman Francis. Something was of about the trio Antonio was holding a guitar. He walked up to our table, and began singing the most beautiful song in Spanish. He got down on one knee and held out a tomato plushie.
"Lovino Vargas will you be my Valentine."
Lovi looked at you, you nodded your head yes.
"S-Sure you Tomato Bastardo." Antonio's emerald eyes lit up and he glomped Lovino to the ground, and then kissing him full on the mouth.
After school you began walking home because Lovi had a date with Antonio.
Stopping you saw another red rose on the sidewalk you picked it up, there was another one. A trail of rose led you to the park where you saw the one and only Francis Bonnefoy standing with rose in his hand.
"Zhis is for you mon amour." he walked over to you in your dumbfounded state.
"Me?" you asked
"Yes you! Your beautiful soft (h/c), twinkling (e/c) that sparkle when you laugh, ______ (last name) j'taime, j'taime _______." he said gently stroking your cheek while putting the rose in your hair.
"I-I love you too Francis."
Francis gently pressed his lips to yours wrapping your arms around his neck you kissed him back softly, Francis wrapped his arms around your waste deepening the kiss before licking your bottom lip asking for entrance which you granted him, you both fought for dominance which he won almost immediately. After a few minutes you broke for air.
"Be my Valentine?" Francis whispered in your ear.
"I would love too~"
~~~~~~~(extended ending)~~~~~~~~~~
Lovino walked into your room to apologize for leaving you all alone when he was supposed to hang with you, but only to find you wrapped in the Frenchman's arms naked.
Happy Valentines Day~
TaylorSwift7-13 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist
Wow!! I really like this story!! :D
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